Proline Energy Resources Inc. is an independent oil and gas operator company headquartered in Sugarland, TX. It was incorporated along with its affiliate PERI Petroleum – an Asset and Mineral Interest acquisition company – in 2013. Currently Proline operates oil and Oil and gas wells in more than 26 counties in Texas. Our strategy to achieve our business objective is to increase reserves and production through internally generated projects and proven engineering practices coupled with acquisitions and divestitures. We are committed to strong financial discipline, efficient operations and creating long-term value for our investors.

Proline Energy Resources Inc. is currently operating in the three major shale basins of Texas. We are in the Haynesville, Eagleford, Permian and Palo Duro Basin Area. We operate in more than 26 counties of Texas.

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Scalability and Adaptability are the pillars of strength of Proline Energy. Our Scalability allows us to quickly align activity levels with commodity prices. We quickly adapt the changing environment.

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Proline Energy has a highly disciplined, dynamic and centrally controlled capital allocation program which ensures that we are directing our investment dollars in a manner that is consistent with our strategy. Harnessing our technical expertise, we ensure we get the maximum return from our investments.

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Become an investor and join the PERI family. We believe in long term, value driven growth.

Our Pillars of Strength

Intelligent capital Allocation

Operational Excellence

Deep market understanding

Adaptability and Flexibility with the Dynamic environment

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